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Welcome to the Trinidad Photography.

We have gathered together over one hundred years of photographs taken in and around the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago by a variety of local photographers.

The library includes rare images such as a photograph of US President Teddy Roosevelt's visit in 1911, the now deserted leper colony of Chacachacare, and includes some of the earliest pictures of the world famous Trinidad Carnival.

The images were taken by well known local photographers such as Henry "Boy" Dalla Costa, his son Stephen Dalla Costa and other local photographers, both professional and amateur.

Please feel free to browse our extensive collection and enjoy a journey into the fascinating history of Trinidad and Tobago.

Restoration Services

We offer a professional image restoration service which can restore extensive damage to photographs.

Click on the Restoration link to see examples of images we have restored.

You will be amazed at the damage that can be repaired. We can also use the same techniques to modify images. For example, removing red eye, removing people or objects etc.

Electronic Image Options

You can purchase prints of various sizes from our site but if you require images in high resolution electronic format, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Prices are dependent on how the image will be used so please specify the intended use of the electronic image.
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